Elena Get Your Gun

The national media have ignored a fascinating development, one worth keeping an eye on: Justice Elena Kagan has taken up recreational shooting and hunting. She likes it so much that she has moved from small game (quail) to big game (elk). Wade Payne of the Knoxville News-Sentinel described an October 19th informal talk given by Justice Kagan at the University of Tennessee: Witty and affable, Kagan often kept the crowd chuckling Friday with her preference for comic book hero movies and American Top-40 music - "it keeps you in touch with the people," she said -and tales of learning to shoot fowl with Scalia. The shared hobby started during her confirmation hearings in 2010 when Kagan told a senator who was probing for her views on gun rights that she had never been hunting, but would ask Scalia to take her if confirmed. When she officially landed on the court, Kagan told Scalia about the promise she made. Amused, he first taught her to shoot clay pigeons before graduating to...(Read Full Post)