Elections Have Consequences (a continuing series)

On Tuesday, November 6, the voters spoke loud and clear, awarding Barack Obama with a second four-year term.  They obviously thought they were going to get something beneficial out of this, though what that might be is a political, economic, and historical mystery of the first order. What they have gotten since then, and as a direct result of the august Obama's ascension, is a plunging market, closing businesses, unemployment, and the possibility of a new recession. And that's just the beginning. We at AT are delighted to witness this example of democracy in action, and to celebrate it we are inaugurating this occasional new blog department, which will appear every time a striking instance of well-earned electoral consequences occurs. We dedicate it to the millions who woke up on November 7th with the thought, "What the hell did I just do?" Here's hoping that the last installment is not typed out as Iran's "Fist of Allah" ICBMs are arcing across the Atlantic. Today's news brings...(Read Full Post)