Elections have Consequences #3 (A Continuing Series)

This past weekend Stryker Corp., a leading medical device and supply manufacturer, announced layoffs of 5% of its workforce as a direct result of ObamaCare. To help finance Obama's historic leap into the glorious collectivist future, medical device companies, both manufacturers and suppliers, have been assessed a 2.3% excise tax. The cost to the industry has been estimated at $20 billion. (Though experience teaches us that such estimates tend to be on the low side.) This translates into the loss of 1,170 jobs from Stryker's international workforce, many of them specialist positions that will render it very difficult for workers to find new jobs. An irony here lies in the fact that the leading corporate heir of the company is a major supporter of Barack Obama. Jon Stryker contributed no less than $2 million to the Obama-related super-PAC Priorities USA Action and $66,000 to Obama and the Democrats. Stryker has been involved in funding a number of liberal causes, giving as much as...(Read Full Post)