Egypt's Morsi facing backlash over power grab

It's not just secularists and liberals who are up in arms over Egyptian President Morsi's decree that he is above judicial review. His justice minister has publicly urged him to withdraw the measure, while three advisors have resigned because of it. New York Times: With a threatened strike by the nation's judges, a plunge in the country's stock market and more street protests looming, Mr. Morsi's administration sent mixed messages on Sunday over whether it was willing to consider a compromise. A spokesman for the president's party insisted that there would be no change in his edict, but a statement from the party indicated for the first time a willingness to give political opponents "guarantees against monopolizing the fateful decisions of the homeland in the absence of the Parliament." And the justice minister, Ahmed Mekki, the influential leader of a judicial independent movement under Mr. Mubarak and one of Mr. Morsi's closest aides, was actively trying to broker a...(Read Full Post)