Don't Blame Romney, Blame the Dreamers

Since the election Tuesday I've seen dozens of article and opinions on why Romney blew it and couldn't defeat the Obama juggernaut. While I don't dispute them all, I would like to throw a few facts out there for everyone to ponder. 121,366,971 people voted during the elections. President Obama received a total of 61,304,426 votes, Mr. Romney took 58,230,919. Where did the other 3,451,190 go, you ask? That would have put Mr. Romney with 61,682,109, beating dear leader by 377,683 votes. It gets better when I tell you those votes went for pipe dreams and fantasy: Gary Johnson -- 1,139,562 votes      Jill Stein -- 396,684 votes Virgil Goode --   113,947 votes         Rosanne Barr -- 48,797 votes Rocky Anderson -- 34,521 votes       Others -- 39,822 votes Add the purchased Gay and Lesbian vote (wedding rights), the Latin vote (amnesty), Females (abortion and free birth control), and the...(Read Full Post)