Do We Need A Designated Hitter Rule in Politics?

Maybe we should pass a constitutional amendment similar to baseball's designated hitter rule.  The designated hitter rule allows a team to use a 10th player to replace the pitcher at the plate when it's the pitcher's turn to bat.  Lots of pitchers are terrific at pitching, and not so good at hitting.  Don't ask me why because I really have no idea.  I'm sure there are statistics proving the point, since sports fans are even more dedicated to statistics when it comes to player performance than political pollsters are when it comes to elections. But I digress. The purpose of the amendment would be to end the nonsense we just dragged ourselves through in the recent presidential election.  No matter what else you want to say about Barack Obama (and there have been hundreds of thousands of words already written on that subject) the man was a superb candidate, or to continue the baseball analogy, a great pitcher.  Even though Mitt Romney got close (let's...(Read Full Post)