Did Obama Cut a Faustian Deal with Morsi?

What did Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi get  in return for supporting the cease fire? The idea that Morsi, a strong supporter of Hamas, just went along with the Obama program out of conviction that the Obama team had the compelling case strikes me as naïve. There had to be  bargain of some sort. Obama wants something from Morsi and Morsi gets nothing in return? I see one possible alternative that Morsi agreed to support Obam's current policy in return for Obama's support of Morsi's future policy in Egypt, and back Egypt as a power broker in the Middle East. The crux of  a Faustian deal is bargaining away the future for present gain - selling one's soul (the future) for worldly (present) success. For the Obama administration this became support our policy now in the conflict between Israel and Hamas and we'll support ($$) your policy in the future? Here is Secretary of State Clinton last Wednesday at a Cairo press conference praising the first part of the...(Read Full Post)