Choosing the Right Path

Make no mistake: one of two Americas will emerge on 7 November, and I hope and pray that it is the right America. The right America will end this president's crusade to divide us by color, gender, income, and any other appeal to our tribal nature.  Never has an American president been so divisive.  The right America will respect our military and the tenet that peace is attained only through strength -- both economic and military.  The right America will unequivocally support our allies and stand up to, and not bow before, our enemies. The right America will re-establish the nuclear defense umbrella in Eastern Europe and actually support rather than endlessly spar with one of our closest allies, Israel.  The right America will tell Russia's Medvedev (and his boss Putin) that now that our election is over, we will show them resolve rather than the "flexibility" president Obama was caught, on a live...(Read Full Post)