Change in America

The election on 6 November 2012 confirmed a change in the United States that has been taking place for over fifty years as a result of the progressive movement, i.e., post-modern thought. This change is because our political elite--of both parties--have for more many years seen public affairs--both foreign and domestic--as only a matter of Secular Authority, and have ignored the need to have Sacred Authority and Secular Authority check and balance each other.  Most people have never heard of Sacred Authority; for them authority is something those in a hierarchy use to control others. That is Secular Authority, which is often called the rule of law. What then is Sacred Authority? For most people 'sacred' means: "devoted or dedicated to a deity or to some religious purpose". However, with regard to authority, 'sacred' means: "regarded with reverence, a sense of right, or that which must not be violated or disregarded." For example,...(Read Full Post)