Censorship by Race

Letting four Americans die as a live feed plays the murders out in real time is about as bad as it gets for a sitting American President. But not Obama. He had UN Ambassador Susan Rice hit the Sunday news shows after the Benghazi terrorist attack. She was the perfect choice; black and female. Americans are used to higher-ups in the political arena sending their minions out when an unstable situation devolves into chaos. But when members of this administration watched for 7 hours as our people were brutally murdered and did nothing to help, even denying repeated requests for help, Clinton or Panetta wouldn't do. Too white. The quickest way to stop all the tough questions was to make Rice a victim of racism. When Lindsay Graham and John McCain dared to criticize Rice's five different appearances on Sunday talk shows following the Benghazi massacre where she blamed it on a "hateful video," references to poor Susan's skin color and gender quickly shut them down.  ...(Read Full Post)