Catholics and the Polls

Gallup's latest and last presidential poll is out. It indicates a 1 point Romney advantage in the popular vote. It can be found here. As I was reading it, one item surprised me. In this latest survey, Catholics indicated a 52-45 preference for Obama. Back in 2008 [actual voting] Catholics favored Obama over McCain 54-45. Interestingly, at the time Pew, breaking down that ratio in regard to ethnicity, showed that the numbers flipped for white Catholics 47-52 in favor of McCain. Therefore, in 2008, Obama's advantage was focused on nonwhite Catholics. Although even 47% of white Catholic support is surprising given the Bishops' longstanding and clear message about the right to life and Barack Obama's love affair with abortion. A few thoughts: • Is it possible that Obama's attack on life, conscience, and religious freedom, and the subsequent response from the Bishops, could only have cost Obama 2% with US Catholics (2012 versus 2008)? o If so, what...(Read Full Post)