Can the New York Times get any worse?

Just when you thought that the New York Times could not stoop to lower levels, the Times outdoes itself by issuing an editorial that implicitly blames Israel for the recent conflagration in the region.  In its November 14 editorial, "Another Israel-Gaza War," the Times suggests that Israel's position vis-à-vis Gaza would be easier to justify if Israel demonstrated seriousness in negotiating with Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction.  The Times presupposes that Abbas is a willing interlocutor but ignores the fact that Abbas has stymied Israeli efforts of engagement and has instead embarked upon a pattern of systematic unilateral actions aimed at undercutting prior written agreements and understandings. The recent violence in Gaza was sparked by a Hamas anti-tank missile attack on an Israeli jeep on patrol along the Israel-Gaza border that left one soldier permanently blinded.  That attack came on the heels of another that left an Israeli soldier with one arm.  Both...(Read Full Post)