Can Online Education Work?

Can Online Education Work?   We are discussing here the future of education on this planet. Here are a few notes about online learning that may be of interest.  I know the faculty is generally dead-against it, but it is coming, maybe like a plague, maybe like salvation.'Tis a juggernaut. It is incumbent upon schools and colleges to make it work. Administrators think of dollars, faculty think of self-interest.  Compromise is needed. There is more. We face a contest between political interests, notably the teachers unions and the public good. We see a paradox within American education, where the conservatives are the liberals, and the liberals are the conservatives.  Online education is here, and it is here to stay.  Many issues, particularly costs, mandate continuance of this new venue.  I'm for it, make no doubt.  But we must be at least a little critical.  So, we mention a few factors, mostly technical with the title, "What is wrong...(Read Full Post)