California's Prop 32 Restores 'We the People'

One mediocre consequence of Obama's bad economy is that employers are more inclined to oppress employees because the employer knows that there are ten people waiting in line for that particular job.  The bad employer feels free to demand unreasonable productivity "goals."  The flip side of this dilemma is that many employees have no regard for the Protestant work ethic. In times past, unions provided a check and a remedy against oppressing workers. Today, unions are sophisticated and effective shakedown organizations focused on extorting large amounts of cash from middle class workers with an endgame of obtaining power and influence.  An objective analysis of California politics clearly reveals that union interests prevail.  The Manhattan Institute reports that over the last thirty years, "75 percent of the measures that the unions opposed were defeated."  The unions have effectively dissolved Lincoln's, "...government of the people, by the...(Read Full Post)