Burning the Village

One of the singular phrases reflecting the madness of the Vietnam War was "...sometimes you have to burn a village in order to save it." Attributed to an American infantry major by left-wing reporter Peter Arnett, and later proven to be made up, the phrase reflected the true mindlessness that was our involvement in Vietnam. That phrase is an apt description of the experience we are about to face over the next four years with Barack Obama. The recrimination pundits are in full force saying Republicans need to adopt amnesty for illegals, get with it on gay marriage, drop those abortion fanatics, and get back to the big tent. There is nothing Republicans can do, literally nothing, that can match the overwhelming, concentrate-the-mind type force that the pain coming over the next four years will deliver. We are out of dough, period. Raise taxes as much as you want, the spending will still bury us. We are out of jobs -- business is going to hire only the minimal number of people, at...(Read Full Post)