Barack Æthelred Obama

The New York Times is now allowing the President's team to try and throw the US Military under the very crowded pile of people and institutions squashed by his reelection bus. "An examination of these tumultuous events [in Benghazi] undercuts the criticism leveled by some Republicans that the Obama administration did not try to respond militarily to the crisis." Nice try to help the President continue to divert his failure as Commander-In-Chief, but it will not work.  The loss of the Battle of Benghazi, the first American defeat in the field by Al-Qaeda forces, cannot be diverted into the Obama "spin" of their reelection effort. They and the MSM have constantly tried to make the Battle a neverending process discussion and now they are moving to make it a partisan argument.  They will fail because, the most basic principle of military leadership is simple and direct -- A leader can delegate authority but not responsibility. President Obama is our Commander-in-Chief and has...(Read Full Post)