At the Dentist after the Election

I am sitting in the dentist's office waiting for my appointment.  He is a good dentist, but this is never a pleasant experience.  When he examines my tooth, he tells me that instead of extracting it, he will put in a new, shiny gold crown.  Wow, I will be as showy as Obama. Obama is a failing tooth that threatens to upset the global mouth of the world.  If only the dentist could extract Obama.  If only the voters had used the pliers on Tuesday. But I tell the dentist that he can't fool me or my other teeth.  I'd rather have an extraction and a space than a lazy, showy tooth sharing the wealth of my good, hardworking molars. I want to bite my dentist and his enablers -- Nurses David Axelrod and Jay Carney. But I don't.  The dentist leaves, and I suffer the indignities of a tooth cleaning from the hygienist.  I think that it's been only a few days since we lost the country to Obama for a second time.  I bite down on the hygienist's water...(Read Full Post)