Another food fight at Harvard

The great minds at Harvard University just can't seem to get this diversity, pluralism and multi culti thing right. Not to mention inclusiveness.  And when combined with something as difficult as food--well, Harvard just seems to collapse.   Recently, Harvard succumbed after an Arab student went on a hate filled rant, complaining that hummus wasn't Israeli but Arab, or at least Mediterranean; labeling it Israeli was another sign of Israeli domination. Then Harvard University Dining Service (HUDS) decided that because kosher food is more expensive than non kosher food--and it is--only Jews should be allowed to eat in the Harvard Hillel House's kosher kitchen.  Hillel, found on many college campuses, provides programming, resources and services for Jewish students, faculty and staff.  While naturally aimed at Jews, Hillels are welcoming and do not prohibit non Jews. A sign posted Nov. 9 at the entrance of the dining hall limited entry to "a...(Read Full Post)