Annals of the Obama one per centers

On Friday, President Barack Obama (D) continued his class warfare rhetoric, euphemistically promising that increased government "revenues" to avoid "the fiscal cliff" would not come from those making under $250,000 a year. So will the funds come from the likes of his political director who is resigning to head the University of Chicago's new non partisan Institute of Politics and is definitely pulling in more than this cut of income? Interestingly, although the Institute is located on the University of Chicago's campus in the Hyde Park neighborhood, long time home to the Obamas and friends such as Professor William Ayers and wife Bernardine Dohrn, Axelrod has long chosen to live elsewhere. Last spring Axelrod, "paid $1.7 million for a four-bedroom, 3,320-square-foot condo unit in a high-rise condo along Michigan Avenue."   The new seven-room unit he purchased first had been listed as part of an estate sale last May for $2.25 million, and...(Read Full Post)