And the Prize Goes to Mayor Bloomberg

Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City grasped the mantle of dumbest of the dumb from the arms of Debbie Wasserman Schultz by saying two particular things in one paragraph: he is supporting Barack Obama, and it is because Mr. Obama cares about global warming. Reeling from the Tropical Behemoth Storm Sandy, the mayor gave up the ghost of reason...for what?  A special-order Obamaphone and a seat on the fifty-yard line when Iran sends rockets into Israel? On the science, this is as dumb as it gets.  Watts Up With That has a nice rebuttal, including mention of more powerful storm surges in hurricanes of three hundred or more years ago.  Unless the Industrial Revolution started a lot earlier than anyone knows, the thesis of global warming causation of Sandy is utter bunk. On the issues of science, liberals rarely say anything but that they are committed to good science, even as they ignore the actual requirements of the scientific method in their decisions.  For...(Read Full Post)