An Ordinary Vote

I walked about a mile to my polling place at the Carvel Building in Wilmington, Delaware to vote this morning. When I arrived, I noticed there was a virtual phalanx of what appeared to me to be rather threatening looking people on the steps to the entrance. I think I was frankly a bit paranoid, but they reminded me of Black Panthers. Smiling as sincerely as I could, I walked past them hoping I looked really, really tough. I thought of putting my hand in my pocket as if I had a "conceal and carry." But then I thought better of it. But once inside, I found the election officials and helpers were pleasant and courteous, even though the old woman who asked me if I knew how to vote looked as if she could eat me alive. How nice, I thought. This sure is a sea change of attitude from 2008. I noticed very few people were voting, unlike 2008, when the lines were wrapped twice around the entire room and almost out the door. It was a cold, cold day, so maybe the hostile weather was keeping...(Read Full Post)