Americans Spend as Much on Lotteries as on Afghan War

Dems keep yelling that instead of spending billions on the war in Afghanistan, we need to spend for the poor on home. But here are some interesting facts: 1)    The direct cost of the Afghan War will be approximately $650 billion through the end of FY2013. $450 billion of this is spent under Obama (if you split FY2009 cost evenly between Bush and Obama). 2)   If you place all of the FY2009 Afghan spending on Bush, $422 billion of the war spending will be under Obama in four years, vs. only $228 billion spread over eight years of Bush. 3)   In those eight Bush Years, Americans spent $350.5 billion on lotteries. 4)   Excluding FY2013 (which started only recently), the Afghan War cost is $538 billion. In those same war years, Americans spent $532.6 billion on Lotteries. 5)   This report suggest that the poor (for whom we need to end the war to spend more on Food Stamps), are the biggest Lottery spenders. 6)   In...(Read Full Post)