A Whale of a Tale

Project Orca, Team Romney's whale-sized plan to get out the vote, was a whale-sized failure, and it casts a whale-sized shadow on Mr. Romney's reputation as an effective manager. This scheme required the campaign to put all of its votes, as it were, in one basket that relied on 37,000-plus people not making 37,000 times X human errors in one ten-hour period -- it is a micromanager's dream come true and a whale-sized omelet in the making. Our fried Jim Hoft perfectly described it thusly: "Thar She Blows! ... Orca Blew Up on Election Day." Team Obama, on the other hand, had locked a bunch of geeks in a windowless room wherein they crunched whale-sized batches of data endlessly.  And then, using the product of that data-crunching, Team Obama produced countless ads and appearances that motived whale-sized groups of targeted voters to flock to the polls. Thus, on Election Day, we had, in one lecture hall, a professor standing in front of a blackboard asking, "Where's the...(Read Full Post)