A Traveler's Thoughts

I was on my way back from Asia during the election, having voted by absentee ballot. During the flight, the pilot announced that Obama had won. Two young people in the back cheered. The rest on the 747 were silent. I noticed the man across the aisle reading a book on D-Day. I thought to myself that it is fortunate most of those men are no longer alive to see what the country has come to. This was not what they fought for! This is not what my uncles fought for in World War II, or my Great Uncle Charles who didn't come home from World War I, or the distant uncles of the Orange County Militia who raised their muskets against Cornwallis. In many ways, those militiamen were rebelling against a less oppressive rule than we now experience. The Parliament never levied an income tax, much less a progressive one. The King didn't have an EPA or an IRS. Samuel Adams, speaking before the Revolution, remarked that redistribution of wealth was forbidden by English law: The utopian schemes...(Read Full Post)