A terrible blow

A terrible blow to the country.  I won't say a blow from which we will not recover because we cannot know that.  But it does have that feel. The torch is passed to Allen West if the Republicans are not their usual clueless selves. Elizabeth Warren won in Massachusetts.  Even given that it is Mass, that says a lot about the country.  A liar, a hater of capitalism, an opponent that it was easy to vote for and yet...she won. Obama thinks the world loves him.  He doesn't know that it is laughing at him.  China wants what we have.  The Islamists think their hour has struck.  The Saudis are undermining us through their worldwide placement of madrassas.  The Saudis have seen off the Ottoman Empire, the British Empire and they are going to see us off.  U.S. government finances are in complete chaos, in complete freefall.   And the American public has reelected a man who knows nothing about any of these problems, who has just...(Read Full Post)