A Tax on Carbon is a Tax on Life

Carbon is the essential building block for all living things. But life cannot exist without energy. The primary energy of the solar system is nuclear energy - it powers the sun which floods the Earth with solar radiation; other nuclear reactions release heat deep within the planet. But solar energy alone cannot create or sustain life. Earth's primeval atmosphere had three natural gases that contained the essential ingredients for the first plant life - carbon dioxide, the food for plants; water, the drink for plants; and ammonia, which probably supported the first primitive life forms. It also had methane, the first natural (non-fossil) hydro-carbon fuel.  Ancient atmospheres had far more methane and carbon dioxide than is present today (but no runaway global warming). Life emerged in water when primitive plants using solar energy and the magic of photosynthesis took carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to create sugars, fats and proteins in their leaves, stems, roots, seeds and...(Read Full Post)