A stunning admission on polling

This article by John Podhoretz of Commentary, about how one newspaper now admits the poll it commissioned was sent back to be adjusted to fit the narrative is interesting.  I always suspected this is what happens but now some in the press actually own up to it. A stunning tale today in the Salt Lake Tribune, however, reveals the dirty little secret of polls paid for by the media. The results are, in effect, owned by the media, and the media can insist that they be rejiggered. The Tribune published a poll done by the respected Mason-Dixon firm that showed a 10-point lead for the county's Republican candidate for mayor. The poll was released on Thursday. Later, editors for the paper objected to the results on the grounds that the poll had an insufficient number of Democrats in its sample: Tribune editor Nancy Conway acknowledged the problem. "We are as concerned about this as anyone," she said Monday. "As soon as we understood there was a problem we...(Read Full Post)