A Possible Republican Strategy for the Fiscal Cliff

There is much debate regarding how Republicans ought to handle the fiscal cliff. They are in a showdown with President Obama as to who will blink first. So my suggestion to them is to take a page from Obama's playbook and kick the can one more time. They should extend the status quo for one more month, to February 1, 2013. The reason behind this strategy is that President Obama is legally required to deliver a budget in January. What that would do is force him to commit his budget to paper. He would be forced to blink. The Democratic Senate has gone for years without passing a budget. And the President's last budget was tossed aside by the Senate under Majority Leader Harry Reid by a unanimous, bipartisan vote of 0-99. Obama got through his first term by repeatedly blaming his predecessor. Now, having been re-elected, his predecessor is himself. Unrestrained by the need to run for re-election ever again, he has a totally free hand. His modus operandi is to "lead from behind", but...(Read Full Post)