A Handful of Counties

In the post-election analysis, some have started to question Gov. Romney's message, or his strategy.  Looking closely at the county-by-county voting result map, however, reveals that Gov. Romney's message and his target demographic could have worked.  It was only in a handful of specific counties that the execution of promoting that message did not break through. Nationwide, Gov. Romney appealed to middle-class Christian families who live in either rural or suburban areas.  Geographically, he did well in the South and the Midwest and less well on the West Coast, in the Rust Belt, and in the Northeast.  With this group of voters he could have won the election -- if not for some specific areas where the demographics favored Gov. Romney, yet the voting was strangely inconsistent. Obviously, Romney would have won had he carried Florida, Ohio, Virginia, and either Colorado or Iowa.  A lot is being said about the Obama surge in Miami.  Gov. Romney could have...(Read Full Post)