A Few Words on Behalf of a Straw Man

As I was looking over a Fox News article summarizing exit polling, I was a little stunned by something that jumped out at me: National Blame For Current Economic Problems Obama 38% Bush 53% Isn't that exactly whom Obama was running against in 2008? Indirectly? And the electorate in 2012 resembled 2008 -- which was the polling that turned out to be correct that none of us supporting Romney-Ryan could believe could be right after 2010. 2010, it turns out, was the outlier. So, what happened in 2010? In 2010 Republicans ran against Nancy Pelosi -- yeah, Harry Reid and ObamaCare being shoved down everyone's throats, too, but mostly Pelosi. Remember all the town meetings when the Democrat Congressmen and women went back to their districts to sell Obamacare? The reception they got? The rise of the Tea Party? It was an issue fresh on everyone's mind with villains who were posters for the reason Congressional popularity was so low. Pelosi was a gift! Republican candidates beat her all...(Read Full Post)