A Dull Resolve

According to Webster's Dictionary, Israel and Hamas are, by definition, experiencing a period of peace. As absurd as that may sound (at least to me), Hamas agreeing not to launch any missiles and Israel agreeing not to fire rockets back in self-defense, is in fact the creation of a peaceful state of coexistence. This seems to be the best the Israelis feel they can achieve at the moment... an Islamic 'hudna' that always brings with it the anticipation of future terror attacks and the continued hatred of the Jewish State and its people. Today there is no joyous celebration in the ceasefire. There is only a 'dull resolve' in the knowledge that this agreement just puts off what most Israelis know is an inevitable confrontation. They reluctantly accept the fact that they must again wait until Hamas deems it in their own best interest to strike Israel. This is just one more time that Israel has bent to global pressure and ceased its operations before ground forces could finish the job....(Read Full Post)