Women's health depends on a Mitt Romney victory

Well, it seems the President Barack Obama (D) re election plea  for women to "vote as if your lady parts depend  on it...because they kinda do" was accurate.  But not the way he meant it.  Because those women--and men--who care about lady parts will discover that if Obama is re elected his namesake Obamacare is not concerned about those gender specific parts as Dr. Scott Gottlieb explains in the New York Post.  Now that Obamacare has passed, we've begun to see what's in it.  And what is in it is not good for women's lady parts.  According to Gottlieb, the Preventive Services Task Force will make decisions as what health insurance should cover. And will not cover.   Problem is, what the board deems essential is often out of sync with patient preferences, conventional medical practice and even experts like the Centers for Disease Control - which has clashed with the Preventive Services Task Force over recommendations like...(Read Full Post)