Why Obama Deserves Donald Trump

In light of the rumors of an alleged divorce proceeding involving Barack and Michelle Obama, the records of which Donald Trump is said to have in his possession, it might be useful to revisit Obama's own history of exploiting opponents' divorces. Before signing on with Obama for the 2004 U.S. Senate campaign, David Axelrod interviewed with the candidate favored to win the Illinois Democratic primary, multi-millionaire Blair Hull.  Known for his aggressive oppositional research, beginning with his own candidate, Axelrod quickly learned of Hull's Achilles' heel, a protection order that Hull's second wife had applied for during a nasty divorce proceeding.  Axelrod did not think Hull could survive its disclosure and opted instead to work with underdog Obama. About a month before the primary, the Chicago Tribune, Axelrod's former employer, broke the news of the protective order.  With the Tribune pushing for disclosure, Hull's ship sunk as swiftly as Howard Dean's after his...(Read Full Post)