Why I'll be voting for 'great salesman' Mitt

For the record, I want it to be known that my grandfather was a salesman. My father was a salesman.  And I am a salesman, too. Among the three of us, there are over 100 years of proud selling. Remember what David Axelrod said about Romney after he skunked Obama in the first debate?  I do. He referred to him derogatorily as a "salesman" -- worse yet a "great salesman."  In the second debate, President Obama mocked Governor Romney and his "sales pitch." Now Harry Reid tells us Romney gives "used car salesmen a bad name." Interesting, I thought the President & Company loved the private sector (except for the evil 1%). Seems to me, they have a lot of contempt for the salesmen and saleswomen of this country. Perhaps the threesome could use a quick lesson in American Capitalism regarding salesmen, starting with the Dictionary.com definition:  a salesman is a man who sells goods, services, etc. Is there something pejorative in this definition that...(Read Full Post)