Where is Big Bird When you Need it?

So the Obama/Clinton (Hillary) State Department is now spinning that their two and half week delay arriving in Benghazi is due to lack of...visas.  Huh?  Or as Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit states  "Unreal...this is insane..."

Hoft has the transcript of former CIA officer Gary Bernsten who was on with Judge Jeanine Saturday:

"It's about leadership. In this particular case I saw the Department of State and I heard testimony that said that the rational that we were not on the ground in Benghazi after 17 days is because they couldn't get Visa's. (sic) Which is insanity. They should have gotten people on planes, both the agency and the FBI, and similarly they should have had military people there, moving there to aid an embassy that was under attack that was sovereign US territory in an area that weakly controlled by the government. And even if it's a diplomatic problem, you move to save your people first."

Gosh, if planes were not available couldn't the Obama Administration at least have flown in American personnel on the back of Big Bird who they're so desperately trying to publicly save with that Sesame Street "Million Puppet" march on Washington?  Illogical? Not at all.  This solution is about as logical as the latest administration excuse.