What Was Up with Biden's Grin?

So now all of America should know what a "s**t-eating grin" looks like. That's my most cogent summation of last evening's vice presidential debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. While intermittently flashing a smug, insipid grin, Biden repeatedly and rudely interrupted Ryan in mid-sentence throughout the entire evening.  That's the tell-tale sign of a desperate person trapped in an embarrassing, compromising situation attempting to defend the indefensible.  At times Biden was strident, unhinged, desperate, and extremely unlikeable. In contrast, Ryan was calm, precise, and polite -- not solely picking spots to insert the next mindless, group-tested talking point.  He was sincere and knowledgeable.  He didn't let Biden's constant interruptions throw him off his game.  Biden appeared to want to get his opponent in a dogfight, but Ryan was smart enough to not take the bait. The moderator, Martha Raddatz, was a total disaster.  The main things Americans are...(Read Full Post)