What I Miss About Amer!ca (a review)

Humor is often used to mask pain, to give hope, and to "momentarily extract ourselves from the misfortunes of existence."  In order to understand the joke, irony or satire, it is necessary to put the situation in context.  Enter Stella Paul, author of the newly published gem of an e-book entitled What I Miss About America: Reflections from the Golden Age of Hope and Change.  Stella's pithy sayings capture the angst of Americans who are angry and terrified at what President Barack Hussein Obama has wrought during his first term. A writer for American Thinker and PJ Media, Stella Paul explains in her e-book's introduction that "...ever since we entered the [Obama] Golden Age of Hope and Change in 2009, it feels as if the bounce and sparkle have left town.  What's moved in is fear and all its clammy cousins, like anxiety, panic, and dread.  We're afraid of the future [and we're] in debt and going broke and everybody's riled up and nervous." Her hard-hitting...(Read Full Post)