Watching Joe Biden play Willy Loman

I've always had a bit of anger about Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman, the 1951 play about the emptiness of the success culture.   What's the point about success, says lefty Miller, when Willy Loman's life as a salesman ends in failure?  And what's the point of high-school athletics, when athletes like Willy's son Biff end up as thieves and drifters? You have to hand it to Arthur Miller.  He got his play in under the wire just before the golden age of sales, when salesmen spent half a century happily selling Chevrolets so Americans could see the USA.  Who could have foreseen in 1951 the golden age dawning for high-school and college and professional ath-e-letes? And don't get me started on selling real estate. But liberals have been trotting out to endless revivals of Miller's play in the 60-odd years since Death's debut.   What a grand old time they have had shaking their heads at the emptiness and the superficiality of profits and business...(Read Full Post)