Voices From the Labyrinths

As has been noted on AT before, "...this blog by a retired State Department Foreign Service Officer seems a daily must read." His latest post reveals, firstly, that is now becoming clear that the Benghazi Scandal begins with the so-called "consulate" itself and its purpose, and, secondly, that there will be no "fall guys" at State, CIA, and the Pentagon: Our facility in Benghazi facility was a half-baked operation. It was not a consulate. It was a "facility" with an ambiguous purpose....(with) a stunning lack of even basic security despite the rapidly deteriorating situation in Libya....Security levels for our facilities in Libya was driven by the political consideration of maintaining the liberal fiction that Obama's war in Libya had been successful, that the "Arab Spring" was akin to our own Revolution, and that the region "loved" President Obama. When things fell apart on September 11, the number one concern was not to do anything that would damage that narrative. Blame...it...(Read Full Post)