Voices From the Labyrinths

As has been noted on AT before, "...this blog by a retired State Department Foreign Service Officer seems a daily must read."

His latest post reveals, firstly, that is now becoming clear that the Benghazi Scandal begins with the so-called "consulate" itself and its purpose, and, secondly, that there will be no "fall guys" at State, CIA, and the Pentagon:

Our facility in Benghazi facility was a half-baked operation. It was not a consulate. It was a "facility" with an ambiguous purpose....(with) a stunning lack of even basic security despite the rapidly deteriorating situation in Libya....Security levels for our facilities in Libya was driven by the political consideration of maintaining the liberal fiction that Obama's war in Libya had been successful, that the "Arab Spring" was akin to our own Revolution, and that the region "loved" President Obama. When things fell apart on September 11, the number one concern was not to do anything that would damage that narrative. Blame...it on...(anything, but) do nothing that would appear to show that the Obama misadministration had misunderstood reality in Libya and throughout the Muslim word. The result? Mayhem.

And so the cover-up began with a lie and each succeeding lie depended on earlier lies and lead to the production of more lies to cover up the earlier lies.  He continues:

(This was) generally ignored by the mainstream media, or, even worse, the media accepted what I call the "Whitewater Defense." This tactic was....(used by the Clintons to cover up a) ..bribing (of) Governor Bill Clinton with Hillary Clinton serving as the cut-out....(wherein) their friends in the media to accept(ed), in essence, that Whitewater was just too complicated, boring, technical, and convoluted to explain. The Obama misadministration now has done the same: It successfully has used the media either to bury the stories of...( "Fast and Furious," and the "Benghazi Fiasco and Cover-up") or to argue that they are just "too complicated"; we should not "politicize" these issues; and we should "wait for all the facts to come in." Those facts will not come in--at least not before November 6. When all else fails, the misadministration....(uses) a confusing blizzard of lies, half-truths, and conflicting time lines in the Benghazi Massacre case.


Where the Obama misadministration has miscalculated...is with the attitude of the career bureaucracy; those bureaucrats might have voted for Obama, but they will not throw themselves on the grenade for him or Hillary. That is the "X" factor in the scandal as we see from the steady drip-drip-drip of information emerging from the labyrinths of State, CIA, and the Pentagon.

Joseph Curl delightfully describes the knives that are coming out at Langley:

You know who doesn't like getting thrown under the bus? The CIA. You know what the CIA does when you try to throw it under the bus? They get even - quickly, quietly, and with fatal consequences.....The White House sought to divert blame, set up fantastical red herrings like spontaneous protesters (armed with mortars and RPGs!?) and anti-Islam videos posted on YouTube. But the CIA doesn't like taking the fall for mistakes by the president and his top aides.

Read and savor that whole thing here.

And keep our TV tuned to Fox News, read the Washington Times, and bookmark the DiploMad 2.0, because you ain't gonna' get much truth elsewhere.

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