Venezuela's loss is America's gain

Hugo Chávez's reelection victory and subsequent pledge to deepen "21st Century" socialism in Venezuela has produced a predictable result -- yet another exodus of Venezuelans is expected to head to Florida. Like early waves of Cubans who fled Fidel Castro's communism, these Venezuelans are members of their country's business, professional, and entrepreneurial class. They could, to be sure, have been part of the solution to Venezuela's poverty and dysfunction. But Chávez saw them as part of the problem as he created class divisions; nationalized large swaths of the economy; and implemented currency exchange and price controls that strangled the economy and even produced food shortages. The ongoing exodus of Venezuela's best and brightest - and the increase that's expected after Chávez's reelection -- is the subject of an article in today's Miami Herald describing how South Florida immigration lawyers and real estate agents are gearing up for visits from Venezuelans who...(Read Full Post)