Two Mitt Romneys

Following the shellacking he received at the hands of Mitt Romney at the first presidential debate, Barack Obama, at a rally in Denver the following day (presumably after he had a chance to acclimate), and with the help of his handlers, his teleprompter, and a backdrop of carefully selected sycophants, spoke of meeting a "new" Mitt Romney.   "When I got onto the stage, I met this very spirited fellow who claimed to be Mitt Romney," Obama joked at the Denver rally. From President Obama's perspective, he was right. From his perspective, the real Mitt Romney was the one crafted by his campaign staff in Chicago (and furthered by his friends in the media). A composite, if you will. Obama prepared to attack the strawman Mitt Romney that they had spent months, and several hundred million dollars, in creating. What he met on stage was, well, Mitt Romney. As Obama parried and sparred with the strawman Mitt Romney, the real Mitt Romney took him apart. The real Mitt Romney challenged...(Read Full Post)