Two men, two goals for tonight's Veep debate

Good straight analysis by Mike Allen at Politico about tonight's debate between Biden and Ryan: Conversations with advisers to the V.P. candidates suggest that both will be very aggressive tonight. One of Vice President Biden's missions is to calm down President Obama's supporters -- particularly the progressives who, in the view of the White House, have overreacted to the disappointing first debate. Biden plans to do that by making Ryan answer for his own proposals, as well as Romney's. The V.P. wants to stay more on offense than on defense, and expose and explain contrasts. His style is to demonstrate a mastery of specifics, then step back in "Regular Joe" style to relate to viewers. His prep team in Wilmington, Del., included Ron Klain and Bruce Reed. His mock debates were formal, but aides dressed casually. PAUL RYAN has been watching game film of Biden, including the '08 debate with Sarah Palin and the V.P.'s "Meet the Press" appearance in May, to try to get in his...(Read Full Post)