The Top Ten Ways to Celebrate an Obama Halloween

#10 Lure kids to the house with the promise of "shovel ready" candy. #9 Incite "trick-or-treaters" to violence by posting videos on YouTube denigrating Halloween. #8 Hand out 1st lady baby carrots and low-fat ranch dressing instead of candy #7 Hand out "ObamaPhones" along with the candy (Ohio only). #6 Don't give out any candy, but tell the kids, "Hey, you can stay on your parent's health insurance until age 26.  What else do you want?" #5 Scare the kids by saying, "I see rich people." #4 Don't give out any of your own candy; rather, indignantly dictate how much candy your neighbors should be giving out. #3 Check the bags of all trick-or-treaters and redistribute as needed to "spread the wealth around." #2 Don't compliment especially good costumes.  Instead, remind the kids that "they didn't make that...somebody else made that." #1 If you run out of candy, blame it on the previous homeowner. M. Allen Fritsch is an entrepreneur and...(Read Full Post)