The reason Obama may continue to be 'off his game'

There are many interesting and bizarre excuses being proffered by the left for Obama's pathetic debate performance against Mitt Romney; from mile-high syndrome and wedding anniversary jitters to his being flustered at Romney's barrage of lies. Goofy excuses aside, there is a more serious reason why Obama was probably off his game. It's almost impossible to believe that President Obama wasn't privy to the deliberate and calculated anti-Islam "movie" distraction strategy being pushed by everyone in his administration in light of emerging facts indicating that the 9/11 anniversary attack in Libya killing our ambassador and three other Americans was, in fact, a planned terrorist attack. And with those facts quickly being uncovered and brought to light, it's understandable that exposure to this kind of cover-up would weigh very heavy on President Obama's mind.    When the BLS unemployment rate dropped below 8 percent for the first time in 43 months in "historic fashion," it...(Read Full Post)