The Real Reality Check

The real reality check is lurking in the wings, hanging over our heads, creeping up behind us. It didn't really appear in Monday night's presidential debate. Why? Was it, in fact, a debate? Or more like two gentleman on the riverbanks, fishing and chatting about the state of this troubled world. BBC World's mid-morning newscast today went from "Obama more or less won the debate" to "the Emir of Qatar visits Gaza." There's reality for you. Qatar greasing palms up front and fueling jihad in the background. Does the commander in chief have a plan for that contingency? Never mind. It doesn't matter to the majority of citizens, commentators, and media hacks. All he had to do to score points was repeat his job title -- commander in chief -- at regular intervals during the 90-minute session and tally up his foreign policy achievements. The majority of post-debate commentators didn't question his figures, they chatted about his attitude. Did he look calm, cool, and collected?  What does...(Read Full Post)