The Politics of Trust

There is an old saying that goes, "Trust, once lost, can never be regained." Trust is a singularly important commodity in the entire animal community.  It transcends and combines your entire mental makeup.  Trust is about survival.  Trust is about success.  Trust is about process.  Without trust, we could not live day-to-day. Of our six independent processes that make thinking work, belief/faith, logic, instinct/intuition, programming, and emotion, trust combines them all.  Trust is the steady force in life, a third rail of interpersonal communication, decision making, and confidence.  When someone is accused of being non trustworthy, this can resonate with the very foundation of how this person is considered, and whether what he/she says is just plain discounted.  Just when Governor Romney seemed to have built an incontrovertible case that the President is non trustworthy, the President, perhaps in anticipation, strikes the counter attack and...(Read Full Post)