The Politics of Age and Trust

Whether you support either Governor Romney or President Obama, whether you have strong political views favoring one or the other, whether you don't really care who wins, there is one aspect of this political race that is missing in all of the news coverage and that's age. Gov. Romney is 65 years old, putting him at the traditional retirement age for most people.  This age of retirement is when folks, having worked a lifetime, can take time to reflect on life, enjoy their family, read a few books, and otherwise take it easy. Romney, at this same age, is competing for the most stressful job on earth.  It is one of those 24/7 jobs where just one misstep can cost billions in money, millions in jobs, and thousands in lives. This job allows its holder to set long term trajectories for a powerful nation, arguably the most powerful nation on earth. Yet, his age has not been a factor at all.  The beautiful thing here is that the age of 65 seems not to be important as a...(Read Full Post)