The New York Times Whitewashes Everyone but Israel

Last week, Jimmy Carter accompanied by ex-has-been and irrelevant leftist politicians from Norway and Ireland -- the so-called "Elders" -- visited Israel.  Quite predictably, Carter, whose anti-Israel vitriol knows no bounds, condemned Israel for the lack of progress with the Palestinians and blamed "Israeli settlements" for the impasse.  Never mind the incessant rocket attacks from Gaza, the daily incitement coming across Palestinian airwaves, and the Palestinian Authority's irrational refusal to negotiate with Israel without preconditions -- in the myopic world of Jimmy Carter and his radical leftist (and openly anti-Semitic) friends, Arab Muslims can do no wrong, and Israel is to blame for the world's evils. Around the same time as Carter's visit, President Morsi of Egypt attended a sermon in which the presiding cleric called for Allah to "destroy the Jews, disperse them and render them asunder."  One would have expected Morsi, who had just lectured the General...(Read Full Post)