The Left's Remaining Tactic

It is still style over substance for the left. And it will remain so. The left must rely on style from this point forward as they cannot argue, debate, or even discuss substance. Performance, acting, and show business are the important factors. "Romney had a remarkable performance." "He won on style." "Obama seemed flat." "He had the second term blahs." Style and performance. Enthusiasm versus diffidence. Obama's attempted comeback will be based on theatrics. It's predictable that policies, issues, and points were not emphasized as the reason for Romney's excellent debate performance. If the left concedes that Romney had good points, that Obama had vapid responses, and that Romney clarified his otherwise misrepresented policies, then all that remains for the Obama camp is a better "performance" from the president and continual obfuscations of the Romney message. So, on with the little tricks, feints, and gimmickries! Tax cuts not "paid" for? This is their favorite inverted and...(Read Full Post)